How to win the Super Lotto jackpot: statistics and expert advice

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How to take part in the game

The mechanism for accepting bets in the game "Keno" is similar to the mechanism in the game "Sportloto 6 of 49 ", which was given above. The only difference is, that instead of filling in two fields in the game coupon, you need to fill in four. With this you will see:

  1. Field “Game category”. It is filled in depending on whether, how many numbers are you planning to guess, its value should be from 2 to 20 - so the rules say “Sportloto”. How to play - guess 5 numbers or 10 it's up to you.
  2. Field “Play combination”. Here you need to note the combination of the numbers you selected, according to field “Game category”. T. is. if you marked, what are you going to guess 7 numbers, then, respectively, and the number of marks in the field "Playing combination" must match this value. Also you can use the mark "AUTO", it means, that the computer will independently generate a combination of random numbers for you.
  3. "Rate price" field. The mechanism is simple, choosing the maximum rate, you also get the possibility of the maximum win.
  4. Number of Draws field. It is necessary to indicate in it in how many draws your playing combination will participate.

How to play Sportloto 5 of 36 "?

Game "Sportloto 5 of 36 ", in contrast to the game similar to the name "Sportloto 6 of 49 ", refers to "pool games". It means, that the amount of winnings directly depends on the number of bets made at the time of the draw. T. is. the more rates, the larger the prize pool. Also, this game has a number of its unique advantages:

  • The size of the jackpot increases every minute and directly depends on the number of bets made.
  • Even two correct numbers will be a winning combination.
  • Low cost per bet.

Also, due to the bonus ball, this game can rightfully be called "Sportloto 6 of 36 ". How to play Sportloto 6 of 36 "? It's simple. In the presence of 2, 3, 4 guessed numbers, the bonus ball gives you the opportunity to increase your winnings. T. is. after the lottery drum has issued five compulsory balls, it is imperative to wait for the sixth, additional, which can significantly increase the total size of your winnings.

The draw of cash prizes is carried out live on the local TV channel three times a week. In addition, you can find out the results of the drawing online or through a mobile application.. The coincidence of even two game balls guarantees you a win in this draw. If all five numbers match, you become the lucky winner of the jackpot.

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