Russian lotto – is it a divorce or not?

Russian lotto - is it a divorce or not? - earnings edition

All-Russian official lottery - the real official website of the anniversary drawing?

Let's digress a little and remember the excitement with the Russian Lotto, which was also organized by the All-Russian official lottery. Scammers sent out thousands of emails linking to fake lotteries with non-existent winnings. A huge number of users believed, what actually won the money in the lotto. As a result, the swindlers got several million rubles by deception..

History repeats itself this time. The scammers just changed the domain to and came up with the name Russian Lotto, but the essence of the scam has not changed. On the net I found reviews about ://, written by new victims of scammers. Write, that you were led to congratulate on a winning ticket and paid a decent amount to withdraw your prize.

All legal data on the page is fictitious. I checked them in the official source:

  • The license to conduct the drawings was issued by JSC
    "RUSLOTO +" from 10.02.1995. for number №8945892 AI (number and company
    not registered);
  • RF, r. Moscow, etc. Michurinsky d. 40, 2 floor (by
    this address does not have a company with that name);
  • [email protected] - email lit up
    in several scams.

Remind, that there is no free money on the Internet. However, even a freebie needs to be "earned", and you and I did nothing, to win 187 900 rubles. In a real lottery, tickets are sold, and do not give out for free. Organizers receive money for the proceeds of tickets, otherwise it makes no sense to arrange a lotto.

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