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How to buy EL Gordo De Navidad lottery ticket?

Spanish Ministry of Finance informs, that lottery tickets of the national state lottery EL Gordo - "El Gordo" can be purchased from licensed agents in Spain, who distribute Spanish national lottery tickets - LOTERIAS Y APUESTAS DEl ESTADO. http://www.loteriasyapuestas.es

After you place an order for the purchase of a lottery ticket, an agent purchases lottery tickets on your behalf from a licensed agent in Spain. A notification about the ticket number and the date of the lottery draw will be sent to the email address you specified during registration.


The El Gordo de Navidad draw is a kind of ritual show, following the same scenario for many years. Two lottery drums are used in the draw. The first of them contains 100 000 small wooden balls, each with a unique five-digit number from 00000 to 99999. In the second 1807 balls, each has a prize in euros

Помимо крупных выигрышей существует еще множество призов по 1 000 euros for the number, before and after the winners, and 9999 prizes for 200 euros for the coincidence of the last digit of the number with the number of the 1st category.

During the draw, from each apparatus are simultaneously pulled out on 2 event. According to a long tradition, the numbers of the balls are voiced (sing) children. One schoolboy plays the winning ticket number, another student performs the corresponding prize. This process is repeated until, until all the prize balls are drawn. Since there are a lot of prizes, the draw takes several hours. Schoolchildren participate in the draw in shifts

State TV channel Televisión Española, радиоканал National Radio of Spain, и другие средства массовой информации транслируют тираж 22 декабря в реальном времени.

After the end of the Christmas lottery, people take to the streets, drinking champagne, congratulate each other on victory and celebrate big wins.

Well, and so, unlucky (or themes, who, as a result of the drawing, returned only the ticket price) можно попытать счастья в лотерее Sorteo de El Niño, second most popular Spanish draw, which is held 6 january.

Official conditions of participation

You can only get a large prize in Spanish lotteries in person. Smaller prizes are credited to the participant's gaming account. Spanish winnings tax - 20% from the sum, exceeding 20 thousand euros (IN 2020 the tax-free amount will increase to 40 000 euros). Player age - at least 18 years.

Participation in the game, getting a prize

Can Russians play Spanish lotteries? Yes, there is such an opportunity, участвовать в испанских лотереях можно как через посредников, and directly, buying in spanish tents (official points of sale of the Spanish lottery operator Selae).

On the official website of the Spanish operator, you can register and play only with a Spanish tax ID.

What you need to get a win?

  • current account in euros (in such banks as VTB, Sberbank, Vanguard currency accounts are opened for everyone, who uses the internet bank)
  • Bank details and your current account, certified by the seal (regular stamp with branch number and signature)

An example of that, how was the receipt of a small (120 euros) winnings

An important point - it is not profitable to withdraw small amounts, because the recipient pays the commission: 18 euros for a payment from the euro area and 25 euro to the bank intermediary, to a bank transferring winnings in the Russian Federation

Results of the previous draw (22 December 2018 of the year)

  • Эль Гордо — 03347
  • 2-I prize category (Second prize) — 21015
  • 3-I prize category (Third award) — 04211
  • 4-I prize category (Fourth Awards) — 42206, 67774
  • 5-I prize category (Fifth Prizes) — 02308, 07568, 18596, 20202, 29031, 47862, 63025, 68402

El Gordo de Navidad last results 18 years (from 2000 by 2018).

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