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Ruby Sora (31 042 330 $)

Ninety-year-old Ruby Sarah won more than 43 million dollars, However, as admitted in an interview, conducted by the organizers of the Florida Lotto, instead of, to spend money on luxury goods, will give all the money to the family. The American decided to take her winnings in the form of a one-time amount, so what happened to her 31 042 330 US dollars. The money didn't stay there for too long, because the happy millionaire and her husband decided to pass them on to their loved ones. Old people hope, that this condition will change the lives of their descendants for the better.

Tom Christ

Tom Christ (40 million dollars)

Canadian Tom Crist found out about his win during a vacation in California. The winner received a phone call from the lottery organizers, who told him, that his coupon was won 40 million dollars. Interesting, that the new multimillionaire did not fall into euphoria, and kept the information about the winnings. After returning home, he contacted the organizers, to collect money.

Tom Christ decided, However, that he won’t leave a dime for himself, and give the entire amount to the fund, supporting people, cancer patients. According to him, he would like to remember his wife in this way, who died of this disease two years ago.

Show McBride

Wealth preservation

Research on, how unexpected winnings affect the winner, recently completed in Sweden, and it refutes the long-standing myth about the sad fate of such people. In this paper, we considered 3 362 lottery winner, winners over 100 000 dollars, and the level of their well-being through 5-20 years after receiving this money.

Most of the lottery winners, winners of large sums (from 100 000 to 2 million dollars) kept their wealth and ten years after winning.

One of the co-authors of the study, Dr. Daniel Cesarini, Professor of Economics, New York University, suggests, what if you study American history, winners of multi-million dollar prizes, then the results will not differ much from the Swedish examples:

"Hard to say, will the results be different, if we do research in America ", - he said. "I suppose, that they will not be radically different. There are some examples of, what money gives in the United States more (compared to Sweden), eg, health care, but i would not be shocked, if someone had done a similar study in the US and reached similar conclusions "

According to Cesari, opinion about, that many winners will squander their wealth, is wrong. He adds: - “We invariably see, that they work a little less, but spending money is quite reasonable. This does not mean, that none of them struggled with the problem of self-control and did not use money in this way, which is not in their best interests. Also, the scientist adds, that the behavior of lottery winners is much more rational, how can this be imagined when reading some stories in the media.

At all, distortion of information about the fate of lottery winners occurs most often as a result of the nature of the media themselves - people like to read scandalous news about exorbitant spending, rather than a calm story about, how people were able to reasonably dispose of unexpected money for them.

Absolute record

In the 179th draw of the Housing Lottery, which was broadcast 30 April 2016 of the year, случилась почти сенсация: the largest super prize in the history of this lottery was drawn in the amount of 17 900 695 rubles. При этом общий выигрыш участника составил 18 110 695 rubles (210 he got additional thousand rubles for the victory in the first round)

results 179 Housing lottery draw - the main prize 18 110 695 rubles

Prior to this, the Housing Lottery jackpot was won three times, true, the amounts were more modest

  • 4 100 000 rubles (47 circulation, broadcast from 20 October 2013 of the year)
  • 5 100 000 rubles (78 circulation, broadcast from 25 May 2014 of the year)
  • 6 412 551 ruble (140 circulation, broadcast from 2 August 2015 of the year)

It's easy to see, что победитель 179-го тиража мог одним махом получить денег больше, than all three previous lucky ones. Who took this money?

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