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Where can you buy?

It is bought in the following ways:

  1. On the official website in the "Russian Lotto" tab.

On the https site:// lotto there is a choice of tickets. To go to the required category, you will need to select the Russian Lotto icon in the right panel or scroll down the page to the large button “Tickets by 100 P "in the required draw.

The coupon is paid in a convenient way for the participant. It is worth knowing, that when choosing a lotto ticket on the site, the coupon will become available to other people later 5 minutes, если не произойдёт его покупка. During the specified time, the participant should move it to the "Basket" or pay using available methods.

  1. Using Android or iOS apps.

To do this, you need to download the application to your mobile phone from the official website or from the Google Play or Play Store. Through the site you will need to scroll down the page, until the categories run out. After the draws there is navigation. In the category "For mobile phones", to go to the download page, you need to click on the "Mobile application".

  1. Through the mobile version of the site for Android or iOS devices.

Для приобретения билета лото без установки приложения потребуется перейти на страницу официального сайта и прокрутить колёсико до самого низа. There will be a small block after the categories in small print, where there is a button "Mobile version".

Then coupons are selected for any draw in the Russian Lotto category..

  1. By sending a message from a mobile phone.

To purchase a lotto ticket in this way, you need to send a message, where the letters "RL" are written into his body. Then the number is entered 9999 and goes. A reply message with a code will be sent to the mobile phone. This is required to confirm payment. The code is sent to the same number, received in a reply message from the Russian Lotto. In this case, payment is made using the mobile phone balance. For money to be debited from the wallet of the official website, before the code with a space, "c". Besides, payment can be made using Qiwi wallet. To do this, enter the letter "k" separated by a space before the confirmation code. This takes into account the linked wallet address to the message sending number.

  1. In retail outlets and chains.

The lotto coupon can be purchased at the following locations:

  • in Megafone salons, Tele 2, Beeline and MTS;
  • at the post office;
  • at the bookmaker in "Baltbet";
  • in the lottery network "Balt-Lotto";
  • in Rostelecom offices;
  • in Pyaterochka stores.
  1. In special lottery kiosks.
  2. In special self-service machines.

Special devices are located in Moscow and several regions. Bank cards are accepted here, cash and coins.

  1. At the main lottery center.
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