What are the lottery tickets

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A step-by-step plan for starting a regular lottery: what should be done

This business has its own characteristics, to consider, before, how to create a regular draw lottery.

Ticket printing

Start with calculations: how many tickets will you need to print. Circulation c 100 000 tickets are enough, only if the draw is carried out in a limited small area.

Order the development of a ticket image and order printing in a printing house on professional equipment. Details must be printed on paper, protecting the document from forgery.

This increases the cost of the ticket itself., which is usually from 5 to 15 percent of the cost to the buyer. It is impossible to make such an order in printing centers., as this requires special machines.

Delivery of tickets to points of sale

Next, you need to think about ticket distribution, arrange the logistics of their delivery to points of sale in the most favorable way for you. Think about it, how to arrange delivery, so that the end consumer can receive a ticket and take part in your lottery.

Ticket sales can be negotiated with printing houses, shops, newspaper distributors, bookmakers. In the latter, by the way, most likely to find your target audience - gambling, people who love games for money.

You can work all over the country, only if you have the ability to print a very large circulation of tickets. But you have to run a full-scale advertising campaign, various marketing activities to increase brand awareness and build trust in your lottery.

Publication of results

After the drawing, it will be necessary to publish the results in the media and give prizes to the winner. To do this, you will have to negotiate with the media., and involve banks in issuing winnings, where you can give out big prizes (small ones actually issue at ticket sales points).

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