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Live Casino: online play

If you want to have fun with the Live Casino, has the solution for you: the Live Casino allows you to play in real time with real dealers and many dedicated tables in order to offer you the best possible gaming experience, just as if you were in a real casino.
Playing at the Live Casino is simple: just register on the website and open your gaming account or, if you have already done so, access your reserved area and choose what to play.
Each Live Casino table allows you to deepen your knowledge of the games even more and to test your skills from the comfort of your home or away from home thanks to the app for smartphones available on Android and iOS devices. Thanks to the interactions with dealers, to animations and sound effects you will feel like in a live casino.
If you are already an expert or a beginner and can't wait to test yourself, you can start playing at the Live Casino online. Moreover, within each game you can also find a brief description of the best strategies for winning, in order to maximize your chances of success.

Play the Lotto online

You can play the Lotto on the Lottomatica website or on the My Lotteries App, just like in a bookshop. The online game system provides all possible functions in the offline game. The online game, indeed, provides the following functions:

  • Numbers: in the online game you can choose your Numbers from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 10 numbers, between 1 and 90, manually, randomly or by selecting from your favorite cards;
  • Wheel: all the wheels of all cities are available on the site. The user can choose to select one or more than one, or he can choose to select “ALL” the wheels by deciding to play on all wheels with the exception of the National one. Moreover, can participate for free in the drawing of the symbol;
  • Multiple: is the button that allows you to repeat the same game up to a maximum of 20 times in the same draw;
  • Amount: the user intends to play, just like in a bookshop, for a minimum of 1 €, increasing by multiples of € 0.50 up to a maximum of € 200;
  • Subscriptions: if the user wants to bet the same numbers for multiple bets, can choose the subscription section to repeat the same game for multiple consecutive draws up to a maximum of 10 times;
  • Go to the Summary: is the button with which the user can check all the data before purchasing the coupon.

All Live Casino games on, in its Live Casino section, provides all the most popular and popular casino games, giving you the opportunity to have fun and play without any compromise even on the move.
Among the most famous games you can find Live Roulette, with which you can try to guess the number on which the ball will end up inside the wheel. I know, instead, you want to try card games, you can play Live Blackjack, in which you play against the dealer by betting which of the two will reach the score first 21 or who will come closest. Alternatively, you can enjoy the most classic games: for example, you can play at Casino Hold'em Italia, the Texas Hold'em poker variant in which you play against the dealer and not against other players.
If you want to discover more original games, you can try Live Board Games like Dragon Tiger Live an intuitive and addictive game in which they are present 2 cards and the highest card wins 2 or Speed ​​Baccarat a variant of the more famous Baccarat characterized by extremely fast play, of alone 25 seconds for each hand. Besides these you can also try Football Studio Live, Punto Banco Live, Dream Catcher Live, the wheel of fortune with live presenter, Speed ​​Auto Roulette and other Live Casino games online, all characterized by the presence of a dealer and a realistic gaming experience.
You can find them in the appropriate section of the website or on the smartphone app by searching for them by name or, if you still don't know which game is ideal for you, by looking at the reviews of other players, who can leave a judgment of appreciation that can be expressed by inserting from 1 a 5 stars.


The fixed odds bet is a bet in which you have to predict the result of an event to which predefined odds have been associated. The winning of the bet is then calculated by multiplying the amount bet by the odds assigned to the predicted event. In this way, player, when purchasing his bet, is already aware of the winning amount in case, the event he predicted, should come true.
In sports betting, the schedule is defined as the set of sporting events, decided by the concessionaire with the complementary schedule and validated by ADM (Customs and Monopoly agencies), on which bets can be accepted. Each schedule is defined with a numerical code.
In fixed-odds betting, the object of the bet is defined as an event.
The event can be a match between two teams (is. Football, Basket), a match between two individual competitors (is. Tennis), a single team or single competitor competing for the final victory of a sporting or non-sporting event (is. A cyclist, a singer), or a match between a single competitor and a team (Fantasy betting). Each event is marked by a numerical code.
In fixed-odds bets, the outcome is any possible outcome of the bet (is. in football betting “Final result 1X2”, the possible outcomes are 1, X and 2).
In the single bet you have to predict the result of a single event and the potential winnings are obtained by multiplying the odds associated with the event by the amount bet.
In the multiple bet you have to predict the results of two or more events (up to a maximum of 30). The overall odds of the multiple bet is given by the product of the odds of the individual predicted events (plus any bonuses) and for the ticket to be successful, all the predicted outcomes must be successful.
Antepost bets have as their object the prediction of an event whose conclusion will take place in the future (for example the Serie A Winner, Vincente Champion’s League).
The minimum binding indicates the minimum number of events that must be included in a ticket, and for all events it is equal to 1.
Example: Roma – Lazio (Minimum binding 1). The Roma match – Lazio can be played in both single and multiple
The maximum binding, on the other hand, indicates the maximum number of events that can be inserted in a ticket. Example A: Roma – Lazio (Maximum Binding 30). The Roma match – Lazio can be inserted in tickets containing 30 events Example B: Winning Cycling Stage 1 Tour of Italy (Maximum Binding 1). The Winning Stage Event 1 Giro d’Italia can only be played in single.
Each event is characterized by a minimum and maximum binding.
For example, if Lazio-Roma has min-max binding 1-30, it can be inserted in tickets containing only that event (single) or in multiples containing a maximum of 30 happenings.

For more details on the types of Sports Betting click here

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