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Draw games

Looking for an answer to a question: "Are there fair lotteries?»One truth should be understood - honesty is the prerogative of the organizer, not the game itself. If the founder is not clean on hand, then it's stupid to even dream of transparent rules and the process of the game.

When the founder is not the first day on the gambling market, then you can find out about his reputation very simply. It is enough to look at the players' reviews and read the comments on thematic forums. Conscience in this case acts as an optimal guarantee.

This is due to the, that the draw games are very clever. It's very easy for the founder to manipulate the results., and the temptation to get all the money, coming from naive players, big enough.

Here the question immediately arises as to whether, how to get information about the lottery organizers.

The whole difficulty is, that it is not possible to obtain such information. At first, founders can be a whole group, and they can change. Secondly, such information is not disclosed.

In drawing lotteries, you should rely only on the experience of other players and your personal observations..

This does not mean at all, that all drawn lottery games are fraudulent and not profitable. Just the opposite. Lotteries can give you a chance to win big. The main thing is to give preference to a game with a long history and a positive reputation among participants from all over the world.

We found one lottery, the honesty of which even we do not have to doubt. This is El Gordo. The reasons for the confidence, that the lottery is fair and reliable.

  1. The history of the lottery game has 203 of the year.
  2. In the total mass of tickets in this lottery, there are always winning.
  3. True stories of the winners.

One of these stories happened in a pub in Barcelona. The owner of the cafe presented the visitors with an El Gordo ticket. What motives did he have, remains a mystery, but the result amazed the world community. В сумме клиенты этого бара выиграли больше 180 000 000 euros. Interesting then, that newly minted millionaires were below the poverty line before going to the pub.

  1. Debt. El Gordo has a number of debt obligations. To pay prizes to the winners, the game organizers were forced to resort to partial privatization of the lottery. Now part of the lottery belongs to the government. For players, this is another plus, because there are additional guarantees.
  2. Constant updates. El Gordo lottery is constantly transforming to create more comfortable conditions for players. So, eg, rule about, that you can only collect your winnings through 9 days, has been replaced by the rule, according to which the term for receiving the prize is reduced to 1 days.

All these facts point to the honesty and reliability of the El Gordo lottery..

The syndicate is also called "pool". It has two varieties:

  1. Own syndicate (it is also called offline). Such a group of people is selected from a close circle - relatives, acquaintances, comrades, etc..
    The indisputable advantages of this type of syndicate include the following:, that in such a group it is easier to agree and establish their own rules of existence. Most often, one member is nominated from the composition of such a syndicate., who takes responsibility for buying tickets for everyone. Respectively, this member of the syndicate will represent the group when receiving prizes. Besides, such a syndicate representative keeps statistics, follows the draws, keeps tickets for the whole group (when it comes to paper copies).

    The syndicate is not limited by the number of members who join it. The group chooses the numbers for the game together or assigns this matter to one representative.

  2. Ready syndicate. It is also called online. In such a group, people are recruited randomly. Often, members of the same syndicate don't even know each other. Online syndicate requires certain rules. Every new member, when joining a syndicate, accepts and abides by these rules. Such associations of players involve a certain fee for participation in them.. Also, the number of participants in such a group is limited.

Lottery tickets are filled in randomly, less often by the founders of the syndicate.

Second British colonization

India has long been an independent country, but in terms of betting, she is a colony again. Hence the constantly arising question - is betting legal in India?? Moreover, the further the Internet penetrates into the jungle, high mountains and deserts, the clearer this fact becomes.

National bank tried to restrict transactions towards gambling companies, but this attempt gives little in the world, where e-wallets are not controlled by the state. for example, the typical British colonizer Bet365 has already penetrated all states of the country and has kindly adapted his website for local players. He has a well-deserved reputation on his side, wonderful site, emphasis on national characteristics.

Or take the same Paddy Power, which has the best cricket offer among competitors. You can bet on any aspect of this game, fortunately she is familiar to the British. Trying to keep up with the competitor and Ladbrokes - another heavyweight in the betting business.

Not united by Britain

It's easy to put in India, if there are payment and withdrawal methods. Indians with money have no problem with it, massively registering in payment systems. Not only UK bookmakers are fighting for their money and souls, but also asian monsters.

for example, Dafabet, which provides services only via the Internet and focuses on the saturated Asian market. Or take for example the Indian site Betrally India, who understands the needs of local betting fans like no one else. They have the largest bonuses on the market and many ways to withdraw money. So the Indian market is flooded with supply. Although here it is necessary to make a remark, that while not all the monsters of the bookmaker business will bury themselves on the Indian pie, so we can expect the arrival of new players in the near future, what will seal the market, and this in turn will be an advantage for local players.

Singapore. Total 10 dollars per duck

In Singapore, they like to put on shows bright and unusual. Lottery “Duck Race” is no exception. To take part in it, not much is required: buy for 10 dollars toy duck – necessarily yellow, and write any identification marks on it, most often these are initials.

The strangest lotteries. Singapore – Total 10 dollars per duck

When the day of the draw comes, the whole duck squad is dumped into the river, and their race to the finish line begins. Whose came first – means, helped the owner get a million dollars! That is why over a thousand people participate in this lottery frenzy every year., and such entertainment is the hallmark of the country.

Sweden. Hit the brakes

IN 2010 year it was decided in Stockholm to hold not a simple lottery, but the road. Can, and not all drivers were happy about it, since the cameras recorded the movement of all cars, not just traffic offenders, as intended. But still those drivers, who behaved correctly, strictly followed all the rules, took part in the drawing of cash prizes. And they collected them thanks to the fines from those drivers, who ignored these rules.

The strangest lotteries. Sweden – hit the brakes

Summing up this promotion, the organizers were delighted. You can understand them, since in the controlled areas the speed of movement to the action was 32 km / h, and during the 25 km / h. After a while, traffic police officers from the Lipetsk region decided to adopt this experience, and ran their lottery campaign, but their main goal was – teach drivers to buckle up.

Taiwan. Nuts are not easy, shells gold

Pet lovers in Taiwan decided to encourage. Taipei City authorities strongly disliked, that pets-dogs leave traces of their vital activity on the lawns. And they decided to fight pollution with a great method: the owner cleans up after the dog, and in return receives a lottery ticket, which the, if you're lucky, will bring great profit – one of the gold bars, not bad value, – 12 000, 18 000 or 60 000 dollars.

The strangest lotteries. Taiwan – tough nuts, shells gold

Of course, the streets cleared quickly, but for those, who does not have a four-legged pet, too, a decent exit was found: they had to photograph the violators and present the photo to the appropriate authorities, to get your ticket.

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In the face of change

Yes, there are few changes at the legislative level, but the world has changed irreversibly. Law 1867 years does not correspond to today's reality for a long time. This is especially true of the ubiquitous Internet. There is nothing about online in the law, for obvious reasons., that's why international bookmakers use this not even a loophole, but a huge hole in the law, to operate in the vast territory of India, without even physically appearing there. Imperfect legislation allows them to. But before continuing, I need to say a few words about the market itself and the country, in which it functions.

How to Play Lotto-India

To play Lotto India, select six numbers between 1 and 50 and one Joker Ball between 1 and 5. Entries cost ₹40 per panel. You win prizes by matching your numbers with those randomly selected in the Lotto India draw; match all six numbers and the Joker Ball to win the jackpot.

The Free Bet Bonus gives you a chance to win a free entry into another Lotto India draw; all you have to do to win it is match the Joker Ball. The table below shows all the prizes on offer:

Match Odds Prize (Rs)
6 + Joker 1 in 79,453,500 ₹4 Crore
6 1 in 19,863,375 ₹40
5 + Joker 1 in 300,960 ₹40 + Free Bet Bonus
5 1 in 75,240 ₹40
4 + Joker 1 in 5,599 ₹40 + Free Bet Bonus
4 1 in 1,399 ₹40
3 + Joker 1 in 299 ₹40 + Free Bet Bonus
3 1 in 74 ₹40
2 + Joker 1 in 39 ₹40 + Free Bet Bonus
2 1 in 10 ₹40
1 + Joker 1 in 12 Free Bet Bonus
0 + Joker 1 in 11 ₹40
Overall odds of winning a Lotto-India prize: 1 in 3

The prize of ₹40 is awarded to any player who matches between two and five numbers. This allows the operators of Lotto India to give away a huge jackpot prize for a very low ticket cost. If you match between two and five numbers as well as the Joker Ball, you win ₹40 and the Free Bet Bonus.

Medieval history

First registered lotteries, offering tickets for sale with prizes in the form of money, were held in the Netherlands in 15 century. Public lotteries were held in different cities, to raise money for city fortifications and help the poor. City records of Ghent , Utrecht and Bruges indicate, that lotteries could be even older. Recording from 9 May 1445 of the year at L'Ecluse concerns fundraising for the construction of walls and city fortifications with a draw 4 304 tickets and the total prize fund 1737 florins (worth about 170 000 US dollars in 2014 year). IN 17 century it was common in the Netherlands to organize lotteries to raise money for the poor or to raise funds for all kinds of public needs. Lotteries proved to be very popular and were considered a painless form of taxation . State Dutch State лотерея State Lottery – the oldest lottery. The English word "lottery" comes from the Dutch noun "lot", meaning "destiny".

The first registered Italian lottery was held 9 january 1449 years in Milan, organized by the Golden Ambrosian Republic to finance the war against the Venetian Republic . Nonetheless, it was in genoa , what lotto became very popular. People used to bet on the names of the members of the Great Council, which were chosen randomly , five out of ninety candidates every six months. This type of gambling was called Lotto or Semenaiu . When people wanted to bet more often, than twice a year, they started replacing candidates' names with numbers, and the modern lotto was born, according to which, as modern legal lotteries, so illegal playing with numbers can trace their origin.

GG World Lottery: blockchain lottery

All life is a game! Famous winged expression, originated from the pen of the world famous Shakespeare. People naturally love the game.. From the cradle. But the older we get, themes and games are more serious. For our same requests. But now there is real hope, that the game is not only serious and with a serious win, but also honest. After all, when blockchain enters the arena, even a "mosquito" cannot fly unnoticed. Therefore, the GG World Lottery!

Like "Russian Lotto", only more honest

Almost every adult Russian, at least once tempt fate in purchasing a lottery ticket. Surely you remember too, how the older generation froze at the TV screens in anticipation of the chosen "barrel" with the coveted number. And similar lotteries are spread all over the world. People love to tempt fate. Test yourself for "luck". But after all, at times, and the amount of the jackpot hit can guarantee a comfortable future, which further inflames the passion for the game ..., the game is, really, part of our life, which we cannot ignore ... So it is not surprising, that the lottery prototype had enthusiasts, who discerned the outstanding modern capabilities of blockchain technology, which may be applicable to the global lottery.

This is how the GG World Lottery crypto project was born on the Ethereum platform, which gives absolute decentralization and confidence in the law of "probable randomness", not a figurehead for the PR of a lottery company. With this project, the developers, in fact, kill two "fat" hares: "No" to fraud (you will not spend a blockchain) and "yes" - legalization, what will give the green light to the development of a global online lottery around the world. Actually, GG World Lottery is not idle and has already launched two sites (www.lottopark.com and www.lottomat.com ),

which confirms the seriousness of her intentions about giving the lottery a true blockchain flavor, from which she and her fans will only benefit. No more doubts about fake winnings. Now you can only rely on "Maestro Blockchain!"... Well, what about, who has the project token "lying around" in the bins, pants full of joy too, according to the developers, it is quite possible to expect. So real, as the project token itself - GGC.

Lottery token

Yes, the GG World Lottery project is already launching an ICO (from 2 November 2018 by 31 january 2019). For sale presented 375 million GGC tokens from 500 million existing. The cost 1 GGC = 1 USD. Minimum purchase - from $ 100 ... Honestly, pre-sales are easy - the great interest of lottery users indicates the imminent need to resolve pressing problems, which they directly face. As of today, the company has already legalized the lottery in twelve countries and negotiations continue in others ... Well, in connection with that, that GG World Lottery has Napoleonic plans - to take over the whole world, in particular, in the launch of a television talk show with a non-trivial name - GG World Show, it looks like the dream of a guaranteed fair and secured by the state charter of a global innovative lottery is just around the corner ... And even with the ERC-20 standard.


Learn about the GG World Lottery project - here:

White Paper:


Telegram: https://t.me/gglottery


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6r282jPra2z5mA6A4r55wA

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