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How to play the lottery online. domestic state lotteries

Sberbank instant lottery

An experiment in the market for instant lotteries of Russia Sberbank's instant lottery, which surprisingly quickly became popular.

Many people, who played it reasoned like this, that Sberbank can be trusted, because the state bank will not engage in fraud and the likelihood of losing hard-earned money is almost impossible.

The success of Sberbank's instant lottery led to, that many other banks have also attempted to issue their lotteries. The result of such attempts was ambiguous..

If we talk about the state of the Russian instant lottery market, it should be noted, that the market is now in a state of formation and, in comparison with similar markets in the west, it should even be called extremely undeveloped.

Reliable lotteries with real winnings

If you search for sites through a browser search, then you will probably find a dozen 2-3 exactly, similar services. From under-attended, to more promoted with a daily number of visitors in the tens of thousands. Из всего этого многообразия лучше выбирать наиболее крупные. Why?

  1. Large resources allow you to win more significant prizes - tens and even hundreds of thousands of rubles (if you're lucky).
  2. High traffic already speaks of user confidence.
  3. Small sites, in view of their low attendance, they can simply curtail their activities in one day (business did not go) and all your savings (albeit small) disappear with them.

It is by this criterion, я пытался отобрать несколько проверенных и лучших (in my opinion) similar free lotteries.

And what happened? Almost all of them dropped out of fifteen by themselves. The reasons are different: delays in payments, up to a complete freeze of the won funds, high withdrawal threshold, which money will need to be collected for almost a year, unreasonable blocking of member accounts. Over the past month, several of the largest sites have been blocked altogether..

In the end there was only one left. Overwhelmingly, all users respond positively about him. No serious comments.

Social luck

Free lottery Social Chance with the opportunity to win 10 000 rubles. Each player is given several attempts per day (chances). Upon registration, you are immediately given 6 chances. Заполняя свой профиль и выполняя несложные достижения можно постепенно увеличивать количество ежедневных попыток. There are people, who already have 300-500 attempts per day. But this is probably overkill.

The point of the game is to choose numbers from 0 to 9 on six cards. If you match on any of them - your prize awaits. Coincided 2 карточки — выигрыш умножается в 10 time. Guess 3 - also in 10 time. Etc.

General impressions of the site are generally positive:

  • nice friendly interface;
  • simple and clear rules;
  • easy to figure out what and where to click;
  • system of achievements that allows you to increase the chances of winning;
  • during the day, you can get a bonus several additional chances.

From negative - this is a lot of small wins.

The minimum amount of the simplest, for one guessed number - total 1 penny. But here the probability of victory is already 50/50. To win, eg 1 ruble, need to guess 3 numbers. And this is the probability 0,3% or on average 1 выигрыш на 350 attempts.

If you are good with mathematics and know the theory of probability, you can easily calculate how much you can earn on average for every 100, 1000, 10 000 attempts.


lotofreebie - every day is given 6 free attempts in different drawings. Multiple numbers must be randomly selected in a lottery ticket (7 of 50, 6 of 42 etc).

The size of the win depends on the number of matches during the drawing. Obtainable from humble 2-10 rubles up to several tens of thousands and even hundreds. But ... naturally the probability of the most favorable outcome of events is not great.

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