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Winning the lottery: myth or reality?

Nihilists are convinced, that winning the lottery remains solely with its creator (well, it's their right, work in a factory "like Papa Carlo" – this is their lot in life). Optimists are determined to, that all lotteries are a real opportunity to get a huge fortune in an instant, which they could not have earned in their entire long life.

Benefits of the game: high profitability, quick payback, significant reserve fund, stability of payments over 7 years, 24/7 support. Why put off until tomorrow, what can you earn today?

Lottery win – this is of course reality. Reality, which allows each of its players to hit the jackpot. By the way, from the point of view of science, absolutely anyone can win at absolutely any time. You will believe scientists?

But ... the biggest drawback is waiting. As, the player can expect victory constantly, but victory itself may come to him, like in a day, and after several decades of diligent games. therefore, many players get discouraged and leave this business, for example start to make money on binary options, at the most inopportune moment (when their victory time is about to come).

Many participants are truly convinced of the power of various conspiracies to win, believe in certain lucky days and numbers, and other similar rituals. Many movies, TV series, transmission, newspapers, books are dedicated to such good luck and luck.

But in reality, everything is much simpler.: victory is based on scientific theories, и ничего больше. Of course, believe in your victory (which will be obtained in any way and will bring money for free for free) Is a much more effective way, нежели удручаться по каждому незначительному поводу. Многими учеными были проведены массовые исследования, which dealt with the theory of winnings. They were interested in the same questions:

Just make a forecast where the course of the selected asset will go: Up or Down. Training on a free demo account. With the correct forecast, profit up to 90% from the rate. And all this from the best broker . Don't put off until tomorrow, what can you earn today!

  1. Are there any patterns, on the basis of which it would be possible to build a certain strategy to increase the probability of victory?
  2. Is it possible to, having a huge amount of money in the account, increase this amount, and not spend it on buying lottery tickets?

The results of these studies were rather unfavorable., but at the same time, very natural from the point of view of science. They can be explained in three sentences:

  • The chance of all numbers being dropped is definitely equal..
  • No techniques, there are no ways to increase the chance of guessing the numbers.
  • No strategy can bring you 100% victory.

In simple terms, mathematicians found the following: the game of the lottery exists under the slogan “Bet at random and believe in victory!». Но с учеными совершенно не согласились психологи, therefore, the second. The reason for this is as follows.: the size of the win is affected as a mathematical view, and the thinking of the players, since the more players choose the same winning combination of numbers, the less their winnings will be.

therefore, every player must set a goal for himself: choose such numbers, who are unlikely to be chosen by their rivals in the lottery.

Attention: very reliable game :

  1. Buy birds, they will lay eggs for you;
  2. Eggs will accumulate in your warehouse;
  3. Collect them and sell them for silver;
  4. Exchange Silver for Real Money;

In other words, psychologists are convinced, that one should not play against the lottery itself (since this, sorry for the expression, "Dead number"), а против своих соперников. Для этого следует исследовать психологическую политику стандартного игрока, учитывая это при составлении своего лотерейного билета. И на самом деле так оно и есть: there are certain patterns in the choice of numbers among players. therefore, that player, who wants to bypass everyone needs to think outside the box when placing his "victory" numbers.

The Lotter или Lotto Agent: which service is better?

The English-speaking segment is represented by a large number of lottery dealers. Russians have fewer opportunities to participate in foreign lotteries. In Russia, The Lotter's main competitor is Lotto Agent. The dealer works with 2012 of the year, but quickly gained a good reputation. To find out, which service is better, let's compare them according to the main parameters.

#1. Number of lotteries

Both services offer their customers a large selection of the world's largest lotteries, including MegaMillions, SuperEnalotto, EuroMillions, PowerBall. On both sites you will find special draws, like the legendary Spanish New Year lottery Navidad and the monthly Nacionale.

#2. Commissions and ticket prices

Both services include such services in the ticket price, as notification of the results of the draw and transfer of the prize. Dealers do not take additional commissions.

In the table, we have compared the ticket prices for some of the popular draws:

Lottery Lotto Agent The Lotter
EuroJackpot $17.11 for 3 fields € 15 or $16.76 for 3 fields
PowerBall $20.89 for 3 fields € 20.17 or $22.54 for 3 fields
MegaMillions $14.91 for 3 fields € 13.45 or $15 for 3 fields
EuroMillions $18.4 for 3 fields € 16.8 or $18.77 for 3 fields
SuperEnalotto $13.93 for 5 fields € 12.5 or $14 for 5 fields
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